Research and Publication

Kapaeeng Foundation has been conducting research and policy advocacy initiatives reviewing existing laws and policies regarding indigenous peoples’ rights; publishing its research findings, documents and reports to mobilize public opinion and stimulate discussion on the need for reform and recognition of fundamental rights including traditional land rights; and carrying out legal advocacy for positive changes through litigation or lobbying with policy makers. The activities conducted under this programme are as follows-

  • A book launching program organised at the National Planning Academy jointly with the Oxfam-GB on 27 June 2011. The law book entitled ‘Compendium on National and International Laws and Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh’ was edited by the Chakma circle chief Barrister Devasish Roy, assistant attorney general Pratikar Chakma and lawyer Shirin Lira
  • Seminar entitled ‘National Budget and Indigenous Peoples’ organised at the national press club in Dhaka jointly with Oxfam-GB. Speakers urged the government to undertake a separate census on indigenous peoples and to allocate adequate funds for development of indigenous peoples of Bangladesh. They emphasized on the need for allocation of budget for the grassroots people, including indigenous peoples and other ethnic minorities, to ensure equal opportunities
  • A policy paper on constitutional recognition of indigenous peoples titled ÒAvw`evmx‡`i mvsweavwbK ¯^xK…wZ: †cÖ¶vcU, cÖvmw½KZv I mvsweavwbK weavbvejxi ms‡kvabx cÖ¯—veÓ developed with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation in July-December 2010 during the process of constitution amendment of Grand Alliance Government with an aim to lobby constitutional recognition of indigenous peoples. The policy paper was published in April 2011.
  • Research on Vested Property Act and Land Alienation of Indigenous Peoples conducted on September-December 2010 with the support of ALRD
  • ‘Mobilisation and Capacity Building of Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh’ (Activities Annual Report) published in April 2011
  • Avš—R©vwZK gvbevwaKvi w`em 2010 (we‡kl cÖKvkbv) published on 10 December 2010
  • ‘Human Rights Report 2009-2010 on Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh’ published in December 2010
  • Avw`evmx RvwZ‡Mvôxi AwaKvi welqK RvwZmsN †NvlYvcÎ published in September 2009
  • “Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Report in Bangladesh 2007-2008” published in July 2009
  • “Workshop on Land Right Issues in Chittagong Hill Tracts” published in December 2005 jointly with HTNF, MfPFLR, Taungya, Maleya and MroChet.
  • “Introduce Mother Language Education” published in June 2005 jointly with HTNF, Jum Aesthetics Council (JAC) and CARE-Bangladesh