Kapaeeng Foundation successfully organized its 8th Annual General Meeting

On 15 December 2023 Kapaeeng Foundation successfully organized 8th Annual General Meeting at YWCA Auditorium, Asad Avenue, Dhaka. Shamsul Huda, Executive Director, Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD), Pavel Partha, Researcher and Writer, were present as honorable guest among others while Rabindranath Soren, Chairperson of Kapaeeng Foundation chaired the event. Krishnapada Munda, Executive Member of Kapaeeng Foundation provided the welcome speech and Moderated by Uzzal Azim, Member of Kapaeeng Foundation.

The program began with a short welcome speech by Krishnapada Munda expressing gratitude towards the attendees. He said, a nation’s wellness can be noticed from the human rights situation of the people. Hence, it is crucial for the monitoring of rights violation and practices. For that, Kapaeeng Foundation has been working to protect and promote the human rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.

Pavel Partha said, there are not many organizations which works in the field of human rights and committed to establish the rights of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh. But, Kapaeeng Foundation is very actively working on this issue and their acceptance has increased to the indigenous peoples more than before in Bangladesh because of their engagement, work and dedication. We need to encourage others especially the indigenous youth to work in human rights issues of indigenous peoples.

Shamsul Huda said, ALRD always supports the human rights work of Kapaeeng Foundation and recalled how he started working with the indigenous people issues. However, their work made significant recognition locally, nationally and internationally and into the lives of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.  

Later, the annual report of 2022-2023 of Kapaeeng Foundation was presented by Pallab Chakma, General Secretary & Executive Director of KF. After that, the strategic plan of KF from 2024-2029 was presented by Manjuni Chakma, Project Officer of KF.

Representatives from various regions of the country participated in the Open Discussion.

In the afternoon, the anti-corruption policy, finance policy and human resource and management policy of KF was presented by Hiran Mitra Chakma, Member of KF and amended a few articles with the consent of members.

In the end, an executive committee of 9 members was reconstructed by making Rabindranath Soren, Chairperson of Kapaeeng Foundation, Gourango Patro, Vice-Chairperson of Kapaeeng Foundation and Pallab Chakma, Executive Director and General Secretary of Kapaeeng Foundation for the next two year from 2023-2025.  

The discussion was ended with a closing speech from Rabindranath Soren, Chairperson, Kapaeeng Foundation, expressing gratitude to the guests and participants, and wished for the support of all to move forward together in achieving the goals in promoting and protecting the rights of the indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.