14 indigenous women and girls subjected to sexual and physical violence in last February-March

In February and March 2015, at least 14 indigenous women and girls in Bangladesh were subjected to sexual and physical violence. Of them, six women and girls raped including two rang raped, 7 were attempted to rape and one was physically assaulted in plain lands and Chittgaong Hill Tracts (CHT) of the country. Out 14 victims, 7 victims were under age 18 and out of 7 victims, three girls were 6, 8 and 10–year old. A pregnant Marma woman became under the victim of attempt to rape.

The total victims of indigenous women and girls relating to sexual and physical violence rose 20 in 2015 from January to March. In January 2015, six indigenous women and girls including one allegedly killed after rape were subjected to sexual violence across the country.

Indigenous Chakma woman attempted to rape in Fatikchari

On 1 February 2015, an indigenous Chakma woman, 28, of Chakmatilla under Fakitchari sub-district was allegedly attempted to rape by Mohammad Shahbuddin, 55, son of Animul Rahman of same sub-district’s Bholagaji village. This incident took place when the victim went to collect firewood at Karnaphuli Tea Garden situated near her village.

It is learnt that around 1:15 pm in the afternoon, when the victim went to collect firewood in Karnaphuli Tea Garden, Mohammad Shahbuddin followed her. When Mohammad Shahbuddin found her alone, he grabbed her from behind and tried to rape her forcefully. Victim however tried to save herself and resisted with a dao (sharp knife used for household and agricultural purposes) she was carrying. At that time some alteration took place between them and as a result, the alleged perpetrator Mohammad Shahbuddin was later found injured. The victim managed to flee from the spot and informed the locals about the incident. Mohammad Shahbuddin was taken to hospital for treatment. No case has been filed yet.

Two indigenous Chakma women attempted to rape in Laxmichari

On 1 February 2015, two indigenous girls, one 20-year old and other 18-year old, of Moishkata village under Laxmichhari upazila in Khagrachari district were allegedly attempted to rape by two Bengali settlers of Maghaichari’s Guchchha Gram’s (cluster village). The perpetrators have been identified are Mohammad Elias (18) son of Mohammad Robiul and Md. Zilhad (20) son of Md. Hannan. It is learnt that the victims were going to collect water from a stream nearby their home at around 1:30 pm in the afternoon, at that time Md. Elias and Md. Zihad suddenly appeared in the scene and tried to rape them grabbing them from behind. At that time the girls shouted out, as a result local indigenous villagers came to know about the incident and rushed to rescue them. Meanwhile, the miscreants managed to flee the scene. A case has been filed.

A minor Chakma girl attempted to rape Dighinala

On 2 February 2015, a Chakma girl, 13, was allegedly attempted to rape by a Bengali settler named Bashed Mia in Bachamorong village under Dighinala upazila in Khagrachari district while she was working at a tobacco field.

It is learnt that the victim is a student of grade eight at Betchhari High School. As she comes from a poor family, she has been compelled to work at the tobacco field of late Elahi Bux. Few other women belonging to Bengali settler community also works along with her. Like every other day, on 2 February 2015, the victim went to work early morning. However there was no one other than the victim working in the field on that very day. Between 8:00-9:00 am, finding the victim alone, the perpetrator Bashed Mian, 35, son of late Elahi Bux held the victim tight from the back and tried to rape her forcefully. At that time the victim shouted out for help. The local villagers rushed to the scene and rescued the victim. They held the alleged perpetrator Bashed Mian and later handed him over to the police. A case was filed with the Dighinala police station, under Women and Child Repression Prevention Act.

A Santal girl gang raped in Dinajpur

On 6 February 2015, at around 7:00 pm a 17-year old indigenous Santal girl was gang raped by two Bengali men at Barokona village under Parbotipur upazilla in Dinajpur district. Victim’s father Ram Hasda filed a case (No: 07, dated: 08.02.2015) against the perpetrators with Parbotipur model police station. It is learnt that, on the day of accident at around 7:00 pm, the victim was cooking alone at her home, at that time her parents were at local market place for shopping. In the meantime, Md. Lizu, 27, son of Md. Ajijul from Kalibari village and Md. Shafiqul Islam, 22, son of Faijar Rahman from Nayapara village came to the victim’s house and forcefully abducted her into the bamboo bushes near Lizu’s home. The rapist held and raped her overnight and they fled the spot after sunrise.

A minor Tripura girl raped in Manikchhari

On 12 February 2015 at around 12:30 pm a Tripura girl, 10, from Kalapani area under Manikchhari upazilla in Khagrachari was attempted to rape by a Bengali settler. It is learned that, on that day in the morning the victim went to the market. She was returning home from market by motorcycle. On her way back home a motorcycle driver belonging to Bengali settler community named Mohammad Faruk, 26, son of Tanu member (Khalil) of Kalapani area in Manikchhari Upazila under Khagrachhari district offered her a lift and she accepted the offer. At some point, Mohammad Faruk stopped the motorcycle at a quiet place and tried to grab her. At that time the victim shouted out and villagers from that neighborhood came to rescue her, but Md. Faruk immediately fled the scene. Later on the same day victim’s father filed a case with Manikchhari police station.

A pregnant Marma woman attempted to rape in Kaukhali

On 5 March 2015, some local goons made an attempt to rape a pregnant Marma woman of Headman Para village under Kaukhali in Rangamati tying her husband with rope. It is learnt from the locals that on that night at around 10:30 pm, a band of local goons numbering five led by Saddam Hossain, 21, son of Hashem Hossain, Bappi Majumder, 22, son of Gourango Majumder, made the attack at victim’s home. The band tied victim’s husband Uchi Maung Marma and bet him. Later they attempted to rape the pregnant woman and tried to loot a mobile phone form the victim. However after a lot of shouting and screaming, neighbors from nearby place came to rescue them, the next day Uchi Maung Marma went to file a case with Kaukhali police station, however police did not accept the case with the excuse of absence of the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of the police station. On 7 March 2015 Uchi Maung Marma went to the police station again and filed a case under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act 2000, case no.1 (2003) 9 (4) Kha/clause 30. The victim was sent to a local victim support centre. It is reported that the victim as well as the baby inside remained out of danger. It is learnt that this was not the first time the miscreants committed such crime, previously they had harassed other locals too. Police could not arrest anyone in this connection.

An indigenous woman gang raped in Dighinala

On 9 March 2015 at night an indigenous minor girl of Nonchari village under Dighinala upazilla in Khagrachari district was raped by some Bengali settlers. The victim is a 10th grade student. On that night the victim went to take part at an overnight religious ceremony (MahaMangal sutra) held at Dighinala Bana Bihar. She along with two of her companion were returning home at around 10:00 pm, after walking a distance they halted at a place called Kalvert nearby their house, at that time four Bengali settlers named Mohammad Sohel, 28, son of Abdur Rouf; Amir Hossain, 26, son of Late Ali Akbar; Sohag Mia, 32, son of Ali Newaz and Saiful Islam, 25, son of Liakat, came to the spot and told them that some boys from PCP were calling them and it was very urgent. Trusting the Bengali settlers they went to Kabakhali Bazaar with them. After they reached the place the perpetrators and locked the other two companions on Juba Sangha Club and raped the victim one by one. While the perpetrators were raping the victim one of the companion managed to escape the place and after going home she informed everyone about the incident. Later the companions father Milan Karbari informed the people through phone and on 10 March 2015 at around 6:00 am they rescued the victim and took her to Khagrachari Sadar hospital for treatment. Md. Sohel and Amir Hossain is the president of Dighinala district unit of Bangladesh Chattra league, the student wing of ruling Awami League. Md. Sohel was expelled from the organization following the incident. In order to exclude them from the group, a letter has been sent. It is learnt from Md. Shahdat Hossain Titu that one of the perpetrator Md. Sohel was arrested on 10 March around 11:45 am near Kathaltoli area in Dighinala sub-district. A case was filed under the Prevention of Women and Children’s Repression Act 2000.

An indigenous Chakma girl raped and shot video after kidnapping in Jurachari

On 20 March 2015 Naresh Chakma 20, son of Sugendu Chakma of Bonojogichara under Jurachari upazila abducted a girl from her residence of Jurachari upazila in Rangamati district and detained her in a place. Later he raped her and shot a video of him raping the girl. Naresh also threatened the girl saying, if she discloses the rape incident, he would circulate the video on internet. Later victim informed her relatives about the incident and the victim’s father with the help of Bonojogichara Union Council’s member Sushanto Chakma filed a case with Jurachari Police station. The victim is a girl of 10th grade in Jurachari upazila under Rangamati district.

On 20 March 2015, the perpetrator was arrested by police due to abduction, rape and circulation of nude video footage. It is learnt from Jurachari police station’s Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Yusuf Siddiqui that victim’s father himself filed a case under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act and Pornography Control Act.

A minor Marma girl attempted to rape in Rajasthali

On 22 March 2015, at about 4:45 pm, a 14-year old minor Marma girl was reportedly attempted to rape by a young Bengali settler boy at village of Kuturia Para of Bangal Halia union under Rajasthali upazila (sub-district) of Rangamati hill district. The Jumma girl is a student of grade seven of Bangal Halia High School.

It is learnt that at the above-said time the Jumma girl, address- Kuturia Para of Bangal Halia union, was returning home alone from her school.  When she was passing almost half-way to home, then one Md. Raju (16) son of Md. Azad appeared there and grabbing her attempted to rape. The girl then and there shouted out and tried to tussle with the culprit. Hearing the shout of the girl, nearby villagers came there in a run and at this Md. Raju fled the spot quickly.

It is learnt that Md. Raju came there from Comilla few days back and is now staying at house of his grandmother Khodeza Begum (45) wife of Helal Uddin of No. 2 Kuturia Para of No. 3 Ward under Bangal Halia union of Rajasthali upazila.

It is mentionable that the girl got injured too as she tried to escape the culprit and later was taken to a local clinic for treatment. Till preparing the report, the accused was not arrested.

An indigenous Santal minor girl raped in Ghoraghat of Dinajpur

On 23 March 2015 at around 11:30 am in the morning a 6-year old girl of Kucherpara village under Ghoraghat sub-district in Dinajpur district was raped in the same village by a local young boy.

It is learnt that on that day in the morning the victim was taken out of the house in the name of playing some games by the same village’s Samson Mardi, 15, son of Madar Mardi. While Samson Mardi was raping the victim, the victim cried and screamed loudly. Hearing the victim cry, locals from nearby area rushed to the spot to escape the victim. The victim was rescued with injuries with blood all over her body. She was immediately admitted to Ghoraghat hospital for medical treatment by the locals. After the incident, one of the family members of the victim filed a rape case in Ghoraghat police station. It is learnt through some source that Officer-in-Charge of Ghoraghat Police station, Farhad Imrul Kayes along with his group arrested the rapist and sent to Dinajpur central jail.

An indigenous girl attempted to rape in Rajshahi

On 25 March 2015, an 8-year old indigenous girl of Kondain village under Pachondor Union of Tanore sub-district in Rajshahi district was attempted to rape. After this incident, victim’s brother filed a case with Tanore police station.

It is learnt through the police and some source that on 24 March 2015, in the evening the victim was returning home after collecting some potatoes from the field. Knowing that no one was at home and the victim’s mother was admitted to hospital as she was sick, Abdul Aziz, 60, son of Late Joyen Uddin from the neighboring village, entered the house and rapeed the victim forcefully. Later when the victim’s grandmother Chintamoni returned home, she found the victim injured and blooded all over her body, when she asked the victim what had happened, the victim told everything in details. Knowing what has happened Chintamoni informed the locals, the locals tried to find Aziz, who in the mean fled from the place.

It is learnt that, the victim was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for medical treatment and  a case was filed under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act. Police is yet to catch Md. Aziz.

An indigenous Garo girl raped in Mymensingh

On 28 March 2015 an indigenous girl, 14, of East Sangra para village under Haluaghat sub-dustrict of Mymendingh district was raped by a cheat named Suman Mian, by tempting the victim in the name of marriage.

It is learnt through some source, Sumon Mian son of Dulu Mian and the victim had started alove affair on phone before 3-4 months. Taking advantage of this love affair, on 28 March 2015, Sumon called the victim to Jhinaigati bus terminal saying he would marry her. Trusting the perpetrator, the victim came to the spot, later Sumon took the victim to a mud house in Sangra village of Haluaghat union in a motor cycle. Assuring the victim that he made all the arrangement of their marriage and soon at night they will get married. Sumon raped the victim forcefully and left the girl alone in a road of Baghaitola and fled the spot.

Hearing the victim cry in the road, an old man ruched to the spot and provided her shelter for one night, next day on 29 March 2015, the old man informed the victim’s mother Minoti Chisim. Hearing the news Minoti Chisim, filed a case on 29 March 2015 under Women and Children Repression Prevention Act. However the police failed to arrest the perpetrator. The perpetrator is roaming around publicly without any fear.

After this incident on 30 March 2015, Haluaghat Police conducted a medical test of the victim and on that same day took the victim and her mother to Mymensigh and under section 22, the Executive Magistrate accepted the Testament of the victim and her mother.

An indigenous Chakma woman physically assaulted in Rangamati

On 30 March 2015, it is learnt that an indigenous Chakma woman, 45, of Shutkipotti area under Reserve Bazaar in Rangamati district was beaten up. The victim was admitted to Rangamati general hospital.

It is learnt that the victim herself filed a written complaint with Kotwali police station under Rangamati district against the perpetrator. The victim is from Bhushonchara union under Barkal Upazila.

Through the complaint it is learnt that on 30 March 2015 around 5:00 pm in the evening the victim goes to Shutkipotti area of Reserve Bazaar in order to buy some dry fish from a business man named Md. Akhter’s shop. While buying the dry fish the victim gave BDT 1000 to the shop keeper Md. Akhter, 45, as the shop keeper did not have any change, the victim brought some change from her husband keeping the dry fish at the shop. While she was taking the dry fish, the shop keeper replaced the good fish with the rotten fish. After seeing this, the victim asked the shopkeeper to return her money, as the shopkeeper did not return the money an alteration took place between them, at some point the shopkeeper beat the victim. Later some neighboring shopkeepers came to the spot and rescued the victim and admitted her to Rangamati general hospital.